El Compadre
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595 N 2nd St.
El Cajon, California




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"Honestly, there is no better place to get authentic Mexican food. Everything tastes great and the service is absolutely amazing." - Linda Hood


"All I can say is this place might make me move back to Cali! The food is GREAT! The service is GREAT!
Please open a store up in Florida!!"- Kevin Morgan

"The Shrimp Burrito is the best burrito I have ever experienced. The food is truly amazing and I am satisfied 100% of the time!" - Sam Bowman


"I eat at your restaurant at least three times per week. I love your Carnitas plate. Keep it up dudes!!!"- Tim Ryan


"I've lived in San Diego for 12 years and you're the best Mexican Food Restaurant in town."


"Best Been & Cheese Burritos in Town!!" - Ingrid

El Compadre Taco Shop


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